Kristoph & the Communist Manifesto

Local Houston Industrial Hard Rock Electronic Punk Rock Trio.Kristoph and the Communist Manifesto is one of the most bad ass bands you will ever see. The front man is out of his mind and known to be very lovley. The drummer can play six or sometimes seven beats a minute. The guitarist smells funny. Beware of this band: "Kristoph and the Communist Manifesto". and mail me some sugar please.


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All Merchandise Requests -please email      

we have t-shirts in all sizes and color.

Been a long time since we last updated:

     New stuff : New guitarist, added a bassist, and the new site( is almost ready. weeeeeeeeee!


Feb. 8th @Java Jazz Coffee House doors @ 6p.m.- X XX

Mar. 5th @ Magnolia Jamberee doors @7p.m.- XXX

Mar. 16th @ Side Car Pub doors @9p.m.- XXX

Apr. 3rd @Java Jazz Coffee House doors @ 6p.m.- XXX

May 7th @Java Jazz Coffee House doors @ 7p.m.- XXX

May 22nd @Craighead's Graduation Blowout @8 p.m.- XXX

June 11th @ Fuel Cyber Cafe doors @ 7p.m.- XXX

June 14th @ Super Happy Fun Land doors @ 7p.m.-$ 6-XXX

June 15th @ Cardi's 2000 doors @7p.m.-/8 XXX

June 26th @Music Fest or Die @ 5p.m.-XXX

June 27th @Engine Room doors @ 7p.m. - XXX

June 29th @ Cardi's 2000 doors @7p.m. -XXX

July 9th @ Java Jazz Coffee House doors @7p.m.-XXX

July 11th @ Rickies Event Hall doors @7p.m-5-XXX

July 28th @ Super Happy Fun Land doors@ 7p.m. -$ 6-XXX

November 25th @Super Happy Fun Land doors@ 7p.m. -$6(its a veggi potluck so bring somthing)



Mike- vocals/programing


Justin - keys

posey - guitar

adam - bass


"hey 3 liberty spikes, shhhhhhh"

Directions To Next Show:

Visit Super Happy Fun Land!
2610 Ashland Street (@ W27th Street in the Heights)
Houston TX 77008


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